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How to Monetize an Instagram Account: 11 Methods

There are many ways to monetize your Instagram account. Whether you want to become an affiliate marketer, create your own products, or use influencer marketing strategies, there is a way for you to make money off Instagram. In this blog post, we will outline 11 different methods that you can use to increase the number of potential customers who see your posts and buy from you!

How to Monetize an Instagram Account

Affiliate Offers

Instagram is a great way to promote affiliate offers. If you have your own product or service, consider using an affiliate marketer program to get people interested in what you are offering. Some popular programs include the Shopify Affiliate Program and ClickBank, but there are tons of others out there that can help grow your business!

Why Affiliate Offers are a good Idea

The days of just posting pictures and videos on Instagram with no monetization strategy are coming to an end. While there is nothing wrong with using your account as a personal platform for viewing what you do, it’s not going to be enough in the future.

If you want to follow in the footsteps of influencers like Kylie Jenner and make money from your posts, affiliate offers might be the way forward. Affiliate offers can be used by anyone who has access to an email address and is over 18 years old.

They’re easy to sign up for and don’t require any difficult or long-term commitments that would scare away potential customers. This type of monetization will also work well for those who want to monetize an Instagram account that they don’t want to clutter up their personal profile.

With affiliate offers, you can simply create a new business page which will be used specifically for promoting and selling products. It’s one of the easiest ways to make money from your posts on social media without having to interact with followers too much – all you must do is share photos and videos on your personal profile, promote products through affiliate links in your bio or stories where you can tag the product(s) that you are sharing.

Tips for Monetizing your Instagram Account with Affiliate Offers

  • Find a product you enjoy and want to promote
  • Create your Instagram account with the goal of promoting that product
  • Take pictures of yourself using, wearing, or showcasing the product in different ways
  • Upload them on Instagram with a short description about how it benefits you
  • Share affiliate links for that product in the caption so people can purchase from your page
  • Promote other products as well by including their affiliate links when appropriate

Check out this article for easy step-by-step instructions on how to make money with affiliate marketing and Instagram.

Another article that may be of interest in this series, is one that shows you exactly how to increase followers on Instagram.

Create Your Own Products

It’s time to get creative and make some money on your Instagram account. You can do this by creating and selling your own products that you share with the world via social media.  If you’re feeling stuck, we’ve got a few ideas to help spark some creativity in you!

A great way to make money off Instagram is by creating your own products. This could include ecommerce products like t-shirts or other clothing, digital products like online courses and software applications, or physical goods that you sell on your website. With this method, target people who are interested in what it is you are offering and ensure that you have a high enough profit margin to make money.

More ideas for Products you can Create

  • Create a personalized planner that includes your favorite quotes, colors, and pictures
  • Design custom stationary sets with your own designs
  • Make customized phone cases for iPhones or Androids
  • Sell handmade jewelry on Etsy to get feedback before you start selling in stores
  • Use the app Canva to create graphics for social media posts – they have templates for all kinds of different products!

Promo Codes & Discounts

Picture this, you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed and a post with an amazing picture of delicious looking food catches your eye. You click on the photo to find out more about what is being offered and then notice that there is a promotion code or discount available! You quickly enter it into the promo code section at checkout before checking out because you want to save money!

Promo codes are one of the easiest ways to monetize your Instagram account. Utilizing special promo codes for new customers can be an easy way to increase sales, as well as provide incentives for people who already follow your page. This is a great way to get people more interested in the products that you are selling and help spread word of mouth about your brand!

Sites that use promotional codes include Amazon, Target, Nordstrom Rack, REI, and many others can help make your Instagram account more profitable.

Tips for using Promo Codes & Discounts

  • Research the best promo codes and discounts that the business offers
  • Make sure you’re following the company on Instagram to get notified of any new promotions or deals
  • Share your promotional code with friends, family, and followers to increase profits
  • Promote your discount by posting a photo of it to Instagram with a catchy caption about how much money someone could save if they use this coupon today!
  • Tell people who don’t have an account yet why they should join in on the fun!
  • Encourage them to follow you so they can take advantage of future promotions too!

Offer Your Services

make money using Instagram

Another easy method for monetizing an Instagram account is by selling your services. If you have a skill or are willing to do tasks, this can be a good option as you can directly target the people who are most interested in what you have to offer. This is a great way to advertise and reach your target audience, as well as make sales with ease!

Types of Services you can Offer via Instagram

  • Offer to post pictures for small businesses, such as restaurants or clothing stores
  • Offer to create custom graphics for brands who want a more personal touch
  • Create an advertising package that includes posting photos and videos of products
  • Offer to do sponsored posts – charge per post, per hour, or per project
  • Become a freelance photographer by offering your services via Instagram
  • Charge hourly rates for various types of editing jobs (e.g., photo retouching)

Influencer Marketing & Promotions

One of the best ways that any brand or business can use Instagram for monetization purposes is through influencer marketing. This is a great way to target your ideal audience, as well as people who are most likely to be interested in what you have to offer. For this method, focus on finding influential users with large followings and get them involved in promoting your brand or product!

9 Tips for Partnering with an Influencer to Promote your Products

  1. Create a list of Influencers in your industry that you would like to approach
  2. Research each Influencer by looking at their website, social media sites, and blog
  3. Make sure your product is in line with the influencer’s style
  4. Find out what they are currently working on or promoting
  5. Be persistent, but not pushy
  6. Send a personalized email to the influencer outlining why you think they would be interested in your product and what makes it unique
  7. Include the benefits of the partnership (exposure, money) and any expectations you have for this relationship (number of posts per month, frequency of contact)
  8. Offer them free samples of your products to try out before they commit to endorsing it on social media
  9. Provide any information about discounts or special offers available for their followers

Instagram Live & Stories

One of the best ways that brands can benefit from using Instagram is by utilizing the live videos and stories features. Live video lets you interact with your followers in real time, while stories can be used to promote products or services that are currently available for purchase. This is a great way to get people interested in what you have to offer without having them wait until they see it on their newsfeed!

Tips for using Instagram Live & Stories

  • Create a business account on Instagram
  • Upload photos of your products to show potential customers what they can buy
  • Promote your store with an eye-catching background and use hashtags for easy access
  • Use the “swipe up” feature in stories to link directly to your website or online store
  • Give shoutouts to other businesses you love, and they’ll do the same for you!
  • Engage with viewers by asking questions about their day or showing off a new product

Instagram Shopping & Profile

If you have your own online store, consider utilizing Instagram to market and sell products. With this method, it is important that you include a link in the ‘Profile’ section of your account so people can easily find what they are looking for! You can also utilize shopping tags on certain posts or stories if something has already sold out.

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What is Instagram Shopping?

Instagram shopping is a new craze that has been growing in popularity. It’s not just for clothes anymore. The trend of purchasing items from a picture on Instagram became so popular, even celebrities have set up accounts to sell their own products and take advantage of the marketing opportunity. As it becomes easier and easier to purchase things online, shopping via social media is being seen as an easy way to get what you want without leaving your house or spending much money at all!

Tips for using Instagram Shopping

  • Follow brands you love
  • Share your favorite products with your followers
  • Tag the brand in each post to help them find you and increase their sales!
  • Create a story that highlights new items or offers, like “10% off today only!”
  • Use hashtags that are popular among shoppers, like #ootd, #fashionista, and #shoppingaddict

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Another great way to monetize an Instagram account is through Facebook ads. These are highly targeted ads that you can use to promote your products or services, as well as grow your audience! Make sure that you have a strong call-to-action and include links where people can easily buy what it is that you are advertising.

Tips for using Facebook Ads

  • Know your audience
  • Create a compelling offer
  • Optimize for conversions, not reach or impressions
  • Test new audiences and creative before going live
  • Use the right targeting options to reach your desired customer demographic
  • Be consistent with visuals that match your brand message

Shoppable Posts & Stories

Another great way to monetize an Instagram account is by using shoppable posts and stories! You may have seen posts with prices on them recently, or stories with short videos of what the company is offering.

These are called shoppable posts and shoppable stories, but they’re not new to Instagram or other social media platforms.

They let users see your products or services in a photo, with the option of clicking through directly from the post itself. This makes it easy for people to buy what you are selling without having them search for it.

Tips for using Shoppable Posts & Stories

  1. Create a Shoppable Post
  2. Promote your post with Stories
  3. Use the Shop Now button to monetize your Instagram account
  4. Make sure you have an established audience before promoting posts on Instagram
  5. Consider partnering up with other brands to promote their products in exchange for promotion of your own product or service
  6. Partnering up with another brand is a great opportunity to cross-promote, but make sure it’s not too much of one company or else people will get bored fast and stop following you
  7. Engage with followers by responding to comments and liking their photos/videos
  8. Add links in the caption box so that it directs people back to your website when they click on them
  9. Take lots of pictures – this will help increase engagement rates because more content means more opportunities for likes, shares, etc!

Instagram TV Ads

monetize Instagram

Did you know that Instagram TV Ads are now a thing? It’s true and it’s happening. Brands like Coca-Cola, Nike, and Disney have already begun to invest in this new form of advertising on the app. The purpose behind these ads is to encourage users to buy their products or enter contests by interacting with them on Instagram Stories.

This may not seem like such a big deal at first glance but when you consider how popular social media has become in our society today, it makes perfect sense for businesses to want an even bigger piece of that pie!

This works especially well if you have a longer video that can do more than just show off what it is you’re selling. If done right, this can be great for making sales, boosting your revenue, and grabbing the attention of new customers.

Tips for using Instagram TV Ads

  • Instagram TV Ads are a great way to reach new audiences and drive traffic back to your website
  • Use the “Viewers” tab in the dashboard of your ads account for insights on who is watching your video
  • You can create a series of videos that will automatically play one after another with an end card at the end of each video, similar to how you would do it on YouTube
  • Be sure to use eye-catching graphics and text that grabs people’s attention as they scroll through their feeds
  • Don’t forget about hashtags! They’re a great way to increase engagement and get more eyes on your content
  • Consider using influencers or celebrities who have large followings on Instagram as part of your campaign strategy – even if they don’t mention you by name, their followers might be interested in what you have going on!

Offer a Discount

Lastly, another way to monetize an Instagram account is by offering discounts or free products. This can be done through things like giveaways and sweepstakes as well as coupons that you offer on your page! Make sure not to do this too often so people don’t expect it every time they purchase something from you.

It is a good idea to have this as an occasional thing.

10 Tips when Offering Discounts

  1. Make sure the discount is at least 10%
  2. Offer different discounts depending on how many items they purchase – e.g., 10% off two items, 20% off three items, 30% off four+ items
  3. Share coupons and offer free shipping
  4. Offer a specific date for when the discount will end
  5. Provide a reason why people should take advantage of this offer
  6. Add an image to your post with text that highlights what you’re offering and how long it will last so they know without having to read your caption
  7. Share on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat!
  8. Ask your followers to share their favorite posts with friends and family for an extra discount
  9. Always provide links in your posts so customers can purchase what they want right away
  10. Make sure you’re following Instagram’s guidelines for giveaways

Tools you can use when Monetizing your Instagram Account

Use tools to analyze your account for the best time of day and the most popular hashtags. Some of the things you should be looking for in your analysis are:

  • Check your account’s average post engagement
  • Analyze the posts that you get the most likes and comments on
  • Analyze which posts get the most views (and what time of day they’re posted)
  • Check out which hashtags are working for you and which ones aren’t, then use them accordingly

Tools you can use for Analysis


Use IconoSquare to see how many followers you have on your account, which is determined by the number of people who follow you.

Iconosquare is a free app that allows you to see your following and follower count, analyze the engagement of your posts, and track the performance of your hashtags. It also lets you share on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. The best part about this app? You can manage multiple Instagram accounts from one handy dashboard!

Iconosquare is a way for Instagrammers to stay in touch with their followers without leaving the platform they love so much!


Analyze your Instagram content with Klout to get an idea of what type of content is most popular.

Many influencers and social media users wonder what the Klout score is for Instagram. Well, you can use it find out your rank on this popular app by using our free Klout calculator to measure your personal influence online.

If you want to know how many people you’re influencing and how much they like what you’re posting (maybe even who’s following you), then try their easy-to-use tool today!


Buzzsumo is a website that helps you find the most popular content on any topic. It has an easy-to-use interface, and it only takes seconds to get your results which are ranked by popularity.

The site also lets you compare posts so you can see what strategies work best for your audience, which might be helpful if you want to grow your Instagram following!

The site even has a tool called “buzzfeed” where you can search for specific topics, and it will generate related articles based off the top trending stories on Buzzfeed.

This tool could help give some ideas for blog post titles or article submissions when writing blog posts or submitting articles in general.


FollowerWonk is one of the most efficient Instagram follower management tools on the market. It not only provides insights into your followers, but it also gives you a leg up in gaining more followers through their “FollowerAdder” function which allows you to buy Instagram followers from them. In today’s social media world, where numbers matter and quality content has been pushed out by marketing firms for too long, Followerwonk can help you gain an edge among other users.


Do you ever wonder what hashtags are best for your Instagram posts? Hashtagify is the perfect tool to find out which hashtags will lead to the most engagement. It’s so easy!

Just type in any hashtag and it’ll show you popular, related, and recently used hashtags. You can also use Hashtagify on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr or YouTube.

Hashtags are a great way of getting more likes and followers on social media sites like Instagram because they help people who don’t know about your account discover it by searching for that hashtag.


Trendsmap is a website that tracks the popularity of hashtags on Instagram. It provides information about which tags are “trending” and how often they are being posted.

The site’s goal is to help people find new content by showing what other users are interested in or posting about.

Trendsmap also has an app, which can be used to track trends while you’re out exploring your city or town!


Tagboard is a social media management tool that helps you better manage your Instagram account. You can see the most liked and commented on posts, as well as who’s following you, without having to log into any other app. Tagboard also lets you know when someone has liked or commented on one of your posts so that you can like or comment back right away. Using this app is an easy way to make sure your profile stays active with likes and comments throughout the day!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Important is Engagement Rate on Instagram?

On Instagram, engagement rate is the number of likes and comments per post. It’s not rocket science, but it does play a big role in how your content ranks on the app.

The higher your engagement rate is, the more likely you are to be featured on Instagram’s explore page or get new followers. But what if you don’t want to put in all that work?

Well, there might be some easier (and more fun) ways for you to improve your engagement rate!

How can I get higher engagement for my content on Instagram?

1. Take a photo of something interesting and share it with your followers.
2. Include text in the photo to tell people what they’re looking at or what you want them to do.
3. Share photos that are related to your business, such as products, services, etc.
4. Engage with other Instagram users by liking their posts and commenting on theirs.
5. Tag other Instagram users in posts so that they see it and might comment on yours.
6. Use hashtags for more visibility on social media sites like Instagram.

What is an Instagram Influencer?

An Instagram influencer is a person who has the power to influence the buying decisions of their followers on social media. They can use their personal brand and following, as well as paid advertising to promote products or services.

Influencers are usually given free items in exchange for promotion. Some popular influencers include Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner, and Selena Gomez.

The average number of followers an influencer will have ranges from 100-500K and way more for macro influencers, like the aforementioned. Influencers can make up to $300 per sponsored post on Instagram – and up to thousands for bigger brands!

How should I use Instagram to Increase Brand Awareness?

1. Make sure your Instagram account is public.
2. Add a bio that includes the name of your business and what you do.
3. Follow other brands in your industry to get their followers on board with yours.
4. Use hashtags to increase visibility for posts.
5. Tag people who have helped you out or collaborated with you.
6. Share links from time to time, but don’t over-share them so as not to annoy followers.

What are some tips for creating High Quality Content for Instagram?

1. Keep your content fresh and original – don’t just post the same thing over and over again.
2. Use hashtags to increase engagement with other users, but be careful not to spam them.
3. Follow people in your niche who are posting quality content that you enjoy.
4. Be consistent – post at least once a day or every few days so followers know when they can expect new posts from you.
5. Use filters on your photos for a more polished look.
6. Don’t use too many emojis in one caption because it will look cluttered and unprofessional.

Final Thoughts

We hope you found this article helpful, and we would love to hear your thoughts. Do any of these 11 Methods to Monetize Instagram sound like they could help you? Which one do you think will be the best for your business or brand?

Leave a comment below!

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