How to Start an Online Business for Stay at Home Moms

stars Aug 02, 2020 | Blogvertorial | Martin Johanson

To Start an Online Business can be Difficult and Time Consuming

As a stay at home mom you most likely don’t have the luxury of time. I know how difficult it is starting your own business. I laugh (with a tear in my eye) at myself when I think how long it took me to make my first dollar online. Maybe you have tried to start it before (or am trying now) or have thought of doing it.

One of the things you realise at first is all the overwhelming (and conflicting information out there. Where do you start? How does it work? What the heck is backlinks and white hat seo? Is this only for tech gurus?

Then there are so many options out there… start a blog, start a E Commerce store, create products and sell them and the list goes on and on. One thing that remains the same is that it doesn’t matter which option you choose there are many ways to approach each.

Even if you choose only one option, there are many ways to do that as well… and some get extremely technical and figuring out the different methods is very time consuming (and sometimes expensive).

The good news is that it isn’t half way as difficult as most people make it out to be.

The Right Approach to Building a Business Online

When I first read about Wealthy Affiliate I thought surely this must be a scam. They give you two websites for free (which you create in under a minute), give you free training and help you build a business? Yea Right!!

Sceptically I proceeded…

Put in my e mail address and what do you know…

They did supply my free websites (which only took about a minute to build)…

And gave me free training to get me started.

Given, this was done with a free account. They have something called a Professional account that allows you to host up till 25 websites, access step by step training courses, get live training webinars and have a community (or actual technical support) that is eager to help when you get stuck (even the owners are always only an e-mail away).

If I’d only known about them when I started out, I would have saved countless of time and money trying to figure all this out by myself.

How does Wealthy Affiliate work in a Nutshell?

Wealthy Affiliate Helps you Select an Industry

Industry or Niche selection is critical to success. Every industry (i.e. health, hobbies, etc.) can be sub categorised. Within these there are people that are looking for a product or a service or advice. Knowing which ones to choose and which to avoid is crucial.

They Help you Create a Website

The nice thing is there is no technical skills required. You literally build your website in less than a minute and you are ready to go! They advise you step by step what to do, how to configure it and why. There’s no technical mambo jumbo like create these css scripts, edit this in cpanel, write this .Net code or anything like that.

It’s as easy as choosing a name and clicking a button. You can see for yourself below.

They Show you How to Get People to Visit your Website

Having the best website or product in the world is no use if people don’t see it or know about it. There is a lot of advice on the Internet on how to do this. Some good and some very bad. The Wealthy Affiliate team (and the community you will interact with) show and advise you how to attract people and keep them coming.

They Show you How to Make Money from your Website

Now that you have visitors it is time to make money. In order to manage expectations, you won’t be making a lot of money overnight. Setting everything up and building it takes time (the same goes for an online business as a brick and mortar). As you follow the step by step training you will notice people visiting your website. The good news is that at that stage the hard work is done and making money becomes easy.

Some Questions You may Have

Is Wealthy Affiliate free?

Wealthy Affiliate is free to join. They also provide you with 2 free websites (which you can start making money on) and some free training. There is a paid program though that gives you more websites (25) and step by step training to successfully build an online business. The free version is a really good “try before you buy” option as you can assess what it is before you pay anything.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legitimate or a Scam?

Wealthy Affiliate is definitely not a scam. First of all they don’t take your money and run. You do get what is promised and so much more. Their training is not out dated or “try this and that trick to make a quick buck” or anything like that. They show you how to build a successful online business and mentor you each step of the way.

Why is Wealthy Affiliate so Good at Helping You Start an Internet Business?

Spend More Time with Your Family and Loved Ones

Not having to try and figure everything out by yourself will save you lots of time. With all the information available on how to make money online and build a successful business, going down a few rabbit holes is inevitable.

Using your time to build your business one step at a time (in the right direction) will ensure that you don’t spend time figuring out things that don’t even matter.  

Work Your way Towards Financial Freedom

Having a passive income is great! The time that you invest in building an online business pays dividends for months and years to come. After you have done things right, your website(s) keep pulling in traffic which in turn keeps earning you money. Whether you need the money for bills or a holiday… there’s nothing nicer than getting money today for something you did a year or two ago.

Make Money from doing something You Love

I’m sure you’ll agree that making money from one of your hobbies is way better than a dead end job (or none at all). Whether it is a hobby or something you are interested in… getting paid for doing something you love will make you feel like you’re not even working at all.

What do Others say about Wealthy Affiliate?

Actual Comments from the Wealthy Affiliate Site about other people that are also using their Platform

Check it out for Yourself

Personally I like Wealthy Affiliate because of their “one stop shop” approach. Not only do they provide you with all the tools (easy to follow training and mentoring and non technical approach to building your website) but absolutely everything you need to succeed is provided.

Plus being able to join for FREE to check things out for yourself is a big tick.