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How to Write Awesome Product Reviews that Convert

As an Affiliate Marketer, it is your Product Reviews that are going to make you the most money. It makes sense then that you master the art on how to write product reviews. In this article I will share with you how to structure your product reviews and also the steps to take to create your reviews.

There are basically 3 types of content that you will write:

  • Product (or Service) Reviews
  • Round-up Reviews (best 3, 5, 7 Products)
  • How to (information based) content

Of the 3 above, the one that typically converts into sales the most are Product Reviews. If you don’t have many product reviews, it probably means that you also don’t generate a lot of revenue at this point.

The truth about Writing your First Product Review

Please be aware that your first review will suck.

That is the truth about anything in life. Think about the first time you rode a bike. Not many people jump in the saddle and pop a wheelie the first time they put their feet on the peddles.

The good news is that the next time you write a review, it will suck less. Every time you write a review, you will get better and better.

The most important thing is to keep on keeping on and Don’t Give Up

Finding topics to write about

If you ever get stuck finding reviews to write about, think about things that go in or around your product.

For instance, if you think of a food blender. Think about the knives that gets used to cut the vegetables that goes in the blender. Or even the cutting board. You can compare wooden to plastic to marble boards for instance.

The Foolproof Content Review Structure

Following is a layout of how your review article should look like. The structure of the review article can change. For instance, if some of it is not relevant to your niche.

Each of these (that are relevant) should contain a paragraph or two.

  • Introduction Paragraph
  • What is [Product Name]
  • Video Explainer
  • How does [Product Name] work?
  • Can you [do x] with [Product Name]?
  • What is a [Part or Extension of Product Name]
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Beware of **
  • Is [Product Name] Legit (or any good)?
  • Conculsion

Introduction Paragraph

This is where you want to introduce the product you are reviewing. It is also the place that you are going to put in the keyword you are targeting.

What is [Product Name]

Give a brief “elevator pitch” of what the product is that you are reviewing.

Video Explainer

This could be an overview of the Product, or an overview of the Niche itself.

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How does [Product Name] work?

Explain how the product (or service) works. For instance, if you are reviewing a blender or a juicer, say how the product helps you stay healthy.

This is a good place to answer who, what, where, when, why and how questions.

Can you [do x] with [Product Name]?

The [do x] refers to what ever the product or your niche is about. It could be losing weight, gaining energy, making money online, etc. An example would be “Can you make good smoothies with product name?”.


In this section you will fill in the things that are good about the product. The reason why you think your reader should have this product. What problem does it solve? How will it make their life easier or better? What are the benefits they can expect?


Unless it is a bad product (in which case you probably shouldn’t be wasting your time reviewing it) the cons should be less than the pros.

Beware of **

This is where you write something to be aware of. It does not necessarily have to be negative. It could be something like blender is loud (when reviewing a blender). A really good way of finding something for this section is to look at product reviews.

For instance, if you go to Amazon reviews and look at the 2-star ratings. Someone is bound to have found a problem or something negative to say.

Is [Product Name] Legit (or any good)?

Hopefully, the answer to this is yes. Remember to be honest. Also explain why you said yes it is, or why you said “yes, but…”.


This is where you write your final thoughts.

The Step-by-Step Process on How to Write Product Reviews

Research the keyword for the product you want to review

Something to be mindful of when you are doing keyword research, is that if the product is new (i.e., 6 months old) there may not be a lot of keyword volume. If, however you see it advertised on tv or in a magazine, you know it is a popular product.

Gather your Research for the Product and the Niche

Places to find information on products could be where it is sold. For instance, Amazon. Look at the reviews, look at the descriptions, the pictures, etc. and gather all that data. If the product has its own website, go check it out. That is where you will find a lot of data.

Another source for information could be if you own the product. Although, there are a lot of reviews being written where the people do not own the product. Think of a magazine journalist reviewing the latest Tesla. I am pretty sure that journalist does not own all the cars they write about 😊

If you are doing a review on a specific blender, for instance. Research the blending industry, or the juicing industry, or even the whole foods industry. The reason is that you may come up with an additional reason why the reader wants to buy the product. They may conclude “I’ve always wanted to juice”.

Gather all your Images for the Review

There are a variety of ways that you can get images. If you own the product yourself, you can take your own photos. If you are an Amazon associate, you can use the images provided to you on the amazon strip bar on the top. Take screen shots of the product. Go to the website of the product manufacturer. You can also get images on Google, using the creative commons settings.

Remember to do your research to find out whether you are allowed to use the images you intend to.

Find a Video of the Product or something related to the Niche

Examples include a video on juicing if you are reviewing a juicing product. You can even see whether the manufacturer has a video of the product on YouTube. Simply embed the video in your review.

Draft Up your Content

Start creating your review content by adding all the h tags (using the structure as outlined in the Review Structure of this article.

You can then start filling it in ad hoc as you go.

Add the Images within the Draft

As you get your images and as you create the content, make sure to add the images you gathered.

Embed the Video

It is a good idea to first do the “what the product is about” section before getting a video. That way the video you embed will be relevant to the message you are trying to convey.

Add 1 Internal Link | 1 External Link | and 1 Affiliate Link

You don’t need 5 or 10 affiliate links. Especially if it is a new site, 1 affiliate link is more than enough. If you have an old site, start with 1 link for each of the above and grow from there.

You want at least one of each. The Internal and External links will help with your SEO ranking. The internal shows the search engines that your content is relevant. The external link (especially when linking to a high domain authority site – like an .edu or Wikipedia) also cements relevancy.

For the internal link, make sure you use relevant anchor text. For instance, the title of the target URL (or the keyword you want to rank for in your target post).

The other reason you don’t want to add too many links, is that you want people to stay on your post.

Meta Title and Descriptions

Write a Meta Title that is 60 characters long. Along with that also write a Meta Description, which is 160 characters long.

Fill out the Data for the Rating Stars

The next Section explains exactly what to do when adding rating stars.

Adding Rating Stars

To add your rating stars, you should use a Word Press Plugin called WP Product Review Lite.

You may have your own choice of plugin to use, which is fine. WP Product Review Lite is a free plugin, it’s easy to use and it works. What more can you ask for?

What does the rating stars do?

For the ratings plugin to be triggered, there usually must be the word review (or reviews) in the keyword.

When doing a Google search for Vitamix blender review for instance, you will get a similar result to what is shown below:

The stars, rating and author are all shown in your search results page. Going through step-by-step of how to use the plugin is beyond the scope of this article.

It is pretty easy to figure out and there are tons of videos on YouTube and articles you can read if you are unsure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Product Review?

A product review is an assessment of the quality and/or value of a consumer-based item.
Usually, it’s in relation to other products on the market, though it can also focus purely on experience with the item itself.

Do you need permission to review a product?

Yes you do. However, if it is a product that has an affiliate program, not only is it allowed, but it is also encouraged.

Is it worth all the effort that it takes to review a product?

Yes it is. Generally people reading a product review is at one of the last steps of their purchasing cycle. They want to make sure before making the decision of buying that they know enough about the product to validate their purchase decision.

What is the purpose of writing a product review?

The goal is to create trust and loyalty. It is also a chance for you to inform someone contemplating of purchasing a product exactly what sets it apart. As an Affiliate Marketer, getting someone at this stage of their purchasing cycle is literally worth gold.

What is the difference between a summary and a review?

A summary presents facts about the product. A review also shares facts, but it also adds the opinion(s) and view(s) of the person writing the review.

Final Words

As for writing Product Reviews, you now have no excuse not to. I have shown you exactly how to formulate your review, using this winning formula. If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave them in the comments section below.

Want to Learn More about becoming an Expert Affiliate Marketer?

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