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TailwindApp Review – What is the Tailwind App?

stars Mar 13, 2021 | Blogvertorial | Martin Johanson

The world of online marketing is rapidly growing and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are dominating. Pinterest, on the other hand, despite having over 300 million active users monthly, doesn’t get as much recognition from digital marketers.

Unlike the top 3 ranked social media platforms, Pinterest produces a much more organic link between people’s activity on their site and different businesses both online and offline. It allows people to set their own interest boards, thus, directly connecting it to products and companies of different kinds.

Pinterest and Tailwind

The value of Pinterest has long been recognized by Tailwind. Since 2011, Tailwind has been helping businesses create better marketing opportunities through Pinterest.

With TailwindApp, anyone can schedule posts on Pinterest and/or IG, monitor audience engagement, boost online presence, and track data analytics using an all-in-one tool. 

Note: Tailwind services are mainly targeted for Pinterest users but also offer Instagram publishing and scheduling tools. Additionally, you can buy Tailwind features separately or without master plan purchases or discounts. 

So, is Tailwind the right option for your business or company?

In this quick guide, we’ll show you all the ins and outs of using the Tailwind app, specifically, its pros and cons, how to use it, and all other information you may need to get started.

In this review, we will focus on what this app does best: Pinterest Marketing; however, we’ve also added plenty of info on its Instagram features. So let’s get started!

What is the Tailwind App?

Tailwind’s origins can be traced somewhere during the earlier days of Pinterest. Originally, around 2011, the development team that launched its company originally worked on a marketing solution for Brides View. Their framework’s focus was still very narrow then. It was identifying brides-to-be who use Pinterest, using a series of benchmarks.

The results were a massive success skyrocketing the website’s conversion rate. They then branched out and provided analytics and other services to all other types of users of Pinterest.

Is the TailwindApp widely used?

Today, over 400 advertising agencies and 500,000 (half a million!) major brands use their tech services. These include big names such as The New York Met Museum, Shopify, The Teacher’s Pay Union, and bunch more other Tailwind users with the goal of increasing their Pinterest conversions.  All in all, Tailwind aims to help maximize the efficacy of their use of the Pinterest platform.

With TailwindApp, you can monitor your conversation rates, track your analytics, expand your audience reach, schedule posts, discover relevant content, and more—all using a user-friendly interface.

Tailwind caters to both solopreneurs and small enterprises, offering a variety of fixed or customizable plans for your needs.

Getting Started With TailwindApp

Signing up is very easy with this web or mobile app. From the website, select either Sign-up With Pinterest or Sign-up With Instagram. The app will then connect to your social account but don’t worry; if you wish to sign up and login instead with your personal account then link your page later, you can easily adjust it in the settings.

You can avail their free trial upon signing up and interestingly, the trial has no deadline or time limit. You are allowed to schedule up to 100 pins, then, you will have the option to purchase a plan or not in order to continue using the service.

If you wish to continue using Tailwind after your free trial, you will need to upgrade to their $9.99 USD/month Plus Plan. 

So even if you do not choose to upgrade, you will still be able to schedule 100 pins into the future, way longer than the 2 weeks future schedule that is provided by Pinterest themselves.

Here is a summary of what you will get:

Pinterest Tools

  • Pin Scheduling 
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Monitoring and Trends 
  • Promotions
  • Content Optimization 
  • Content Marketing 
  • Content Recommendations 

Instagram Tools

  • Post scheduling
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Hashtag Monitoring 
  • Audience Management Tools 
  • User-generated CMS – Content Management System
1 Account IncludedInstagram Analytics and Reporting
Multi-Account Capability $14.99 USD Mon/AccountInstagram HashTag Monitoring
Basic Website InsightsInstagram Listening
Basic Profile (and Board) MetricsInstagram Audience Management
Post Success MeasuringInstagram UGC Content Management
7 Day History ArchiveInstagram Scheduling
Smart SchedulingFrom $9.99 USD / Month
Unlimited Scheduling
250 Active “Smart-Loop” Posts
5 “Tailwind Tribes” membership
30 Tribe Submissions per month
From $9.99 USD / Month
Pinterest and Instagram Tailwind Features Summary

Note: TailwindApp also offers advanced tools for agencies or business enterprises including: 

  • Full Profile (and Board) Reporting 
  • Pinterest ROI Measuring
  • Influencer Campaigns
  • Keyword/ Hashtag analytics 
  • Content Discovery Engine
  • Industry Trends 
  • A Dedicated Support 

For more information on these tools, contact Tailwind for a quote that’s customized according to your business’ size and needs. 

Tailwind Pricing

Tailwind doesn’t only offer a free trial but its paid plans are also very affordable. It starts at just $9.99 USD/month when you purchase their Annual Plan (Regular: $14.99 USD monthly).

The button below gives you a chance to check it out, with the first month being Free.

Get Started With Tailwind For Free

Tailwind Core Features

Tailwind app is loaded with a variety of tools you can use to maximize your investment. Here are some of its main features: 

Pinterest Tools/ Features 

1. Weekly Summary

This is the main dashboard where you will see everything you need— domain pins, followers’ activity, repins, and more. 

Tailwind – Pinterest Dashboard Overview

2. Content Management

It’s normally a struggle with Pinterest not being able to post more than one pin or photo at a time. Using Tailwind, you can schedule or upload multiple contents all at once.

Tailwind has a browser extension that allows users to save images from any website. In short, if you discovered a blog post you especially love, you can save it/ its photo to Tailwind then post it to several of your boards in an instant. You don’t have to save then upload photos individually to each of your boards.

Tailwind – Pinterest Weekly Pinning Schedule

3. Tribes 

One of Tailwind’s most unique features that set it apart from other social tools is the Tribes. Tribes are user groups that pin content around the same topics, making it not just a great community-building feature but also a one of a kind tool for browsing and trying out fresh new content.

You can join different tribes and share your own content, just make sure that you repin at least 1 other tribe member’s content.

4. Publisher 

With the Publisher feature, you can schedule pins, manage your drafts, create some word lists—all from a single convenient location. For a $4.99 per month add-on, you can also use the Smart Loops, premium tool from here, unlocking Tailwind’s other automation features that allow you post and engage even more efficiently. 

Tailwind Publisher for Pinterest Pins

5. Insights 

Here you’ll have the analytics you need, plus more. Track how well your account is performing, monitor board and website insights, and see your organic and referral activity.

Tailwind Insights for Pinterest Pins

6.  Email Reports 

You’ll have report tools that send clear summaries of how well your profile is performing, including actionable insights such as repinning more high-performance contents or fixing pins that have the potential to do better—again, conveniently delivered right to your inbox.

7. Mobile App 

Tailwind offers a mobile app feature for web-viewing as well as both Android and iOS—a fully-functioning app for mobile that includes all the tools (publisher and analytics) that you can use in its standard web version.

Instagram Tools/ Features

Tailwind currently has fewer features for IG compared to its Pinterest tools but watch out for Tailwind’s roll out of future developments in this area. 

1. Publisher

Like with Pinterest, you can use Tailwind to schedule your Instagram posts, see your drafts, publish “busts”, and overall keep your Instagram account much more organized. 

2. Insights, Analytics and Reporting

Along with the post inspector, you can have all the analytics and insights you need, allowing you to craft better posts for account building.

3. Hashtag Monitoring 

You can also discover the best hashtags for your IG posts and see what others are posting about.

4. Others:

Other tools that the app will potentially further improve in the future include their Standard Audience Management tools, Social Listening features, and User-generated CMS – Content Management System.

Who Is The Tailwind App For? 

Tailwind obviously offers more precise tools for Pinterest unlike broader social media marketing apps, but this is highly promising because Pinterest marketing currently is overlooked but on the rise as it can drive 4 times higher sales than the average digital marketing campaign.

If you are aiming to infiltrate the lucrative market of Pinterest, Tailwind is the perfect app to help you. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and very affordable. On the other hand, its Instagram tools are okay and can be used for a few basic things, just not as robust compared to other Instagram-focused tools on the market today.

Nonetheless, if you’re using Tailwind mainly for Pinterest, then you can get access to one of the best free trial policies available today (no deadlines or time frames). You can instantly compare its insights and overall performance versus other apps and see for yourself how it’s totally worth it.

The button below gives you a chance to check it out, with the first month being Free.

Get Started With Tailwind For Free

Is Tailwind Worth It? 

If you use Pinterest as one of your main social media platforms, then yes, Tailwind is absolutely worth it for you. The app is robust and powerful, packed with streamlined features that will help drive you more leads, encourage audience engagement, and all in all make the most out of your Pinterest account.  

At only $9.99 USD/month (Annual Plan), it is much more practical and affordable for freelancers, solopreneurs, or people/ small businesses on tighter budgets. Lastly, it’s useful and efficient, the main reason why it has over 500,000 corporate members. Simply, because its software works like magic!

Pros and Cons

Pinterest-focusedPinterest and Instagram Accounts cannot be combined
Detailed AnalyticsNot the best option if you are looking for an all-in-one solution
Automation ToolsLimited Instagram features
Pin Inspector for checking how well your Pin(s) performNo multi-image posting feature for Instagram
(a common issue though for social media marketing tools.)
Mobile app
Amazing browser extensions for CMS (Content Management System)
Great IG Hashtag recommendations
Tribes are perfect for connections
Helpful tutorial videos
Very affordable

TailwindApp Alternatives

Tailwind has their fair share of competitors in this social media marketing apps industry. Two of these are 1) Sprout Social and 2) HubSpot. Both these two offer excellent services, making them the most prominent key players in the industry; however, their major drawback is their ceiling-high pricing.

Sprout Social 

One of the biggest names in social media marketing, Sprout Social is an all-in-one tool not just for Pinterest, but also Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn, and Instagram. Its all-inclusive features support up to 10 social media profiles; however their plans start at a whopping $99.99 USD per user per month. 


HubSpot isn’t just a leader in social media marketing, but an overall giant in the digital marketing world. They include SEO, email marketing, and customer support along with their social tools. However, as great as this sounds, HubSpot is more centered on website marketing, hence a little less focused on social media marketing opportunities. It’s a great solution for enterprises but may be less accessible for freelancers and small businesses.

TailwindSprout Social HubSpot Marketing
AnalyticsAnalyticsSentiment Analytics
Pinterest TrackingConversion TrackingSocial Tracking
7 Day History ArchiveContact ManagmentBillions of Sources
ReportingCustomer TargetingReports
Basic Content MarketingContent ManagementEmail Marketing
Content OptimizationAutomated PublishingWeb Crawling
Pinterest Monitoring & TrendsKeyword FilteringAdvanced Search
Multiple AccountsMulti-Account ManagementInfluencer Dashboard
(Free Plan for first 100)
Post SchedulingFree (but limited) Plan
From $9.99 USD per MonthFrom $99 USD per Month
Per User
From $50 USD per Month

Tailwind: Bottom Line

Yes, Tailwind may not be an all-in-one solution for all of your social media marketing needs; however, more than anything else, it is designed to be the most robust solution for your Pinterest needs, and with Pinterest being the number one most promising platform today in terms of online sales marketing.

With all its features, it’s definitely hard to beat Tailwind’s overall functionality, plus affordability.

Tailwind App Summary Review:

  • Pinterest Tools
  • Automation
  • Insights & Analytics
  • Reporting
  • Ease of Use
  • Support
  • Affordability

Check it out for Yourself

Whether you’ve been using Pinterest for a long time now or interested in adding it to your next digital marketing campaign, definitely give the Tailwind app a go—it’s worth it.

Tailwind is a tool especially designed for Pinterest and Instagram marketing, and it features efficient, convenient, cost-effective automation tools, analytics, recommendations, and many, many more.

Does Tailwind live up to all these claims? Sign up for their free trial now to find out!

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